The art of handcrafted mail (and giveaway!)

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a huge enthusiast of handwritten/crafted mail. Let's face it: in this modern day and age, getting a letter or a package in the mailbox is a lot more exciting than receiving an electronic equivalent of it. Plus, something that is crafted by hand always conveys a deeper meaning. Not only does sending someone a handcrafted mail show how much you care for them; it also allows you to move a breadth away from the wired world, where you can sit and think about what you want to create. The best part about all of this is that you can literally personalize your mail in any way you want. I have friends whose parents send them handmade care packages, and these truly are some of the most adorable things I've ever seen. Here is a real piece of advice: if you know a person who is away for college or just living somewhere else on their own, sending them a letter, a postcard, or even a homemade care package could absolutely make their day. 

Dorming 101: The Roommate Situation

Hey Guys! To anyone who is old (and new): I've started blogging again! I wanted to do something beyond just book blogging so I gave up Daydreaming Bookworm for good. Of course, it's always a good addition to my resume so I won't be taking that blog down just yet. Anyway I'm really trying to make this happen so would greatly appreciate feedback/ suggestions for improvement. Since this isn't technically a book blog: I can't promise book giveaways but I will be giving away sweepstakes like postcards etc. every now and then, so it's in your best interest to subscribe. ;) 
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