Studying abroad in high school: The Nitty Gritty (NON UWC VERSION)

As someone who had the opportunity to study abroad before starting university, I do get a lot of messages from people who are interested in following my footsteps, especially after joining the Facebook group Bangladeshis beyond border. And while I am more than happy to help out those in need, even I myself get overwhelmed sometimes. That and I'm horrible with checking message requests on Facebook Messenger. Hopefully this post will help with answering most of the common questions and if need be, PLEASE send me a message using the form on my CONTACT PAGE. I am much more likely to see questions sent in through my contact page as opposed to message requests on Facebook Messenger. In this post, I will also give you the tools to do your own research so please try finding out as much as you can on your own first. I can give you pointers and advice every now and then, but as I am not your personal counselor (also since I am extremely busy with internships and schoolwork) I can't spoon feed you all the information. But I promise that I will try my best to help. Therefore without further ado, let's jump right into the general stuff.

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